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Are Granny Flats a Good Investment?

The popularity of Granny Flats is more than ever in Sydney. They no longer just serve as an additional unit for accommodating parents or children. Instead, granny flats are now incredibly useful for generating extra income. These appealing granny flats plans are affordable alternatives for tenants seeking inner-city rental accommodation in an expensive property market. The Federal […]

How Much Does a Granny Flat Cost?

Granny flats, also known as Secondary Dwellings, have become increasingly popular to provide extra living space for family members, guests, or even as a rental property. However, before embarking on the construction of a granny flat, one of the primary considerations is the cost involved.  The cost of a granny flat can vary significantly based […]

How Big Can a Granny Flat be in NSW?

Are you considering adding a granny flat to an existing property? Whether you are planning this addition for family members or as a rental consideration, it is important that, together with all legal requirements, you also factor in how big a granny flat is allowed to be in NSW. In today’s article, we take a […]

Can I Build a 2 Storey Granny Flat?

As more individuals look for alternate living arrangements, the popularity of granny flats is soaring in Australia. Many live in ecologically efficient, smaller, and self-contained homes. A granny flat is a standalone mini apartment on a property with its own living space, bathroom, and kitchen. You may have many questions about buying or building a […]

What is a Granny Flat?

  A granny flat is a valuable addition for families who want their parents, grandparents, or even children to live close by without disturbing their privacy. If you are curious to know more about granny flats and why they are taking the Australian real estate industry by storm, keep reading. Let’s find out more about this unique […]

How Much to Build a Granny Flat

  Building a granny flat is a fabulous idea, whether you want to make room for tenants, family members, or caretakers. A granny flat may be the simplest and least expensive method to create additional living space within your property. This guide will highlight the different price ranges you must know when building a granny […]

How Much is a Granny Flat?

  Granny Flats in Sydney are the latest home improvement trend in Australia and around the world. Also known as Secondary Dwellings they are small buildings built on a home’s property. They can be attached to the home or they can be a separate unit.  These flats are so-called because they are an ideal place […]

How Much Does it Cost to Design a Granny Flat?

The standard cost for designing and getting CDC approval on a Granny Flat is between $7,000-$12,000 depending on the builder or design company. Granny flat designs can vary in cost to construct, but generally, the cost to design remains the same. How Much Does it Cost to Build a One-Bedroom Granny Flat? Investing in a […]

Does a Granny Flat Add Value To a Property?

The direct answer is yes. If you have excess space in your property, the best way to get the most out of it is by adding a Granny Flat. A Granny Flat adds value to a property by making 2 separate dwellings on the property. Means both dwellings can be rented separately which holds great […]

Top Reasons to Invest in a Granny Flat

Have you ever considered making an extension to your home for extra space in a smart granny flat? What about investing in a granny flat? A granny flat not only makes your property spacious and caters to social demands but also enhances the property’s monetary value. With an expert granny flat builder, you can get […]