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As the popularity of granny flats continues to skyrocket across the country, more people may find themselves wondering, “So how much does a granny flat cost, anyway?” If this sounds like you, we would love to help you find the answer.

With over 35 years of experience building and designing custom granny flats in Australia, Smart Choice Granny Flats is your go-to building company for creating small and self-sufficient housing. Perfect for adding into your backyard or for use as your primary home, granny flats are incredibly versatile. With plenty of existing layout designs available to browse on our website, we are confident that our team can help you build the perfect guest home, mini house, or storage unit to meet your specific needs.

Custom granny flat options that match your budget

No matter how big (or small) the dreams you have for your granny flat, the cost is always an essential factor to consider throughout the process. Dictated by the size, the number of custom inclusions and materials used, granny flat costs will vary from project to project. Because of this, our team at Smart Choice Granny Flats likes to start the project from an open and honest standpoint to ensure that there are no hidden surprises or costs for you. So whether you are looking for a simple and affordable solution to add some custom guest space to your yard or want to create the ultimate luxury mini-house, we have got you covered.

Our team will begin the process by meeting with you to discuss your vision for your custom granny flat. During these meetings, our team will provide helpful design advice, conduct a complimentary site inspection, and offer a free quote for the expected cost to build the granny flat. Always focused on providing a transparent look at the costs, timeline and the entire project overview, you can rest assured that our team will keep you in the loop throughout the whole duration of the project.

The Smart Choice Granny Flats advantage

As the leading provider of custom granny flats across Australia, choosing to work with our team at Smart Choice Granny Flats is the best way to guarantee quality and affordability for your project. Offering a variety of modern and luxurious granny flat designs, we always think outside of the box to provide our clients with a high-quality product at the best possible price point.

Having built more than 400 unique granny flat projects to date, you can feel confident that our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to organise and facilitate the creation of your perfect custom space. Never subjecting our clients to any hidden costs or fees, we proudly offer a fixed price turnkey quote guarantee — meaning the finalised quote will be the final price of the entire project. Because our clients know what the final cost of their project will be before we even begin, our clients benefit from increased peace of mind, knowing that we are always looking out for their best interests.

If you are looking into building an additional dwelling on your property but are unsure about the cost to build a granny flat, our team would love to help. Always offering efficient solutions to save you both time and money, there is no better company to trust when it comes to building your dream custom granny flat.

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Interested in learning more about building your custom granny flat? As firm believers in the importance of honesty and transparency throughout the entire project, our team would love to help you better understand any expected granny flat costs before starting the build.

To learn more about how our team can create the granny flat of your dreams, please feel free to fill out the free instant quote form located on this page. Offering sections to fill out the basic information about your desired granny flat, our customer service team will email you a complementary granny flat guide and info package after you submit your request. As an excellent resource for learning more about the process of building a custom granny flat, this is a must-read for anyone interested in better understanding the costs to build a granny flat.

Always committed to excellent customer service and support, our team is standing by should you have any additional questions about building your custom granny flat. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time throughout the process to receive world-class support. We look forward to helping you build your dream space with an affordable and customisable granny flat!