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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get started?

It is only a $2200 deposit to get stage 1 of the design process complete. We want to make the process risk and stress free so in addition to such a small commitment upfront we give a Money Back Guarantee if we can’t get your plans approved and a Fixed Price Guarantee on your quote so you have piece of mind knowing there are no hidden costs! Risk free construction, how it should be!

What brand appliances and fixtures does Smart Choice use?

We use industry leading brands in every granny flat we build, refer to our Quality Inclusion page on our website for a full list, we also carefully selected tradesman that deliver incredible craftsmanship at the best prices. We are so confident our quality is second none that we offer a Premium Quality Guarantee which means we will rectify any unsatisfactory workmanship at no further cost to you. It is this High level of quality, low prices and great customer services which gave us our 5 Star Reputation.

What Building Contract does Smart Choice use?

We use Housing Industry Association Building Contracts, they are designed to protect your interests, not the Builders. This is just one of many ways we like give a better service, your Construction Specialist will be ensuring you are looked after from quoting right through to hand over of keys, our customers also enjoy having our Online Portal to check Building Progress, it gives you 24/7 access to see your job progress, forecast installation dates and pictures of your granny flats progress.

How long does it take to get Granny Flat Design & Approval?

As our designing is done by our in-house draftsman we can do full Design & CDC Approval in as little as 3 Weeks and it only costs $7000! We take care of the entire process of Design & Approval, nothing for you to do as we draw up your full set of working Architectural plans, get your site surveyed, obtain Engineering, Stormwater Designs, BASIX, CDC Approval, Sydney Water Approval, and we even pay for your Long Service Levy and Council Lodgement fees.

How long does it take to build a Granny Flat?

We have a 16 Week Build Time Guarantee so within that time and often faster.


What is the difference between CDC Approval and DA Approval?

CDC Approval is approved by a Private Certifier, as it is a private service the process is much faster. DA Approval is approved by your Local Council, this process is much slower and costly as the requirements to get Approval are harder to meet.

What is a Private Certifier?

Private Certifiers are professionals that are qualified to issue Construction Approvals on properties that meet general requirements.

Do all councils allow Granny Flats?

Yes. However, there is sometimes restrictions which may prevent a Granny Flat being built on your property. Most restrictions will be outlined in the 10.7 Planning Certificate that can be purchased from your Local Council (we do this for you once we begin the process)

What is the minimum size of your land need to be to apply for fast CDC Approval?

450 m2 for fast CDC Approval otherwise DA Approval could be a potential exception if you have a smaller block. Please enquire with us for us to investigate into your options.

What is the maximum size a Granny Flat can be?

Granny Flats can be up to 60 m2. However, they can have attached garages, and large covered entertaining areas also, so they can get quite large with the additional features.

Do you only build Granny Flats?

No, we also build Studios, New Homes, Attached House & Granny Flats, Duplex’s, and Boarding Houses.

Do you have a Showroom for us to choose our own colours and fixtures?

Yes, we are immensely proud of the extensive range of materials, fixtures, and colours to choose from at our Selections Centre. Our Colour Consultants are always here to help and guide you through the process. We have mood boards to help inspire those who do not know where to start and even make the process extremely fast for those who are happy to use these pre-selected combinations of colour selections.


If you have any more questions please ask us, we are always happy to help.