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Can I Build a 2 Storey Granny Flat?

As more individuals look for alternate living arrangements, the popularity of granny flats is soaring in Australia. Many live in ecologically efficient, smaller, and self-contained homes. A granny flat is a standalone mini apartment on a property with its own living space, bathroom, and kitchen.

You may have many questions about buying or building a granny flat. From costs to design and the features you should add, this guide will help you find the answers to most of these questions.

Can You Construct a 2-Storey Granny Flat?

Since most Australian homes are single-story units, it’s natural to think that all granny flats must be single-story. But there’s news for you. You can also build a two-story granny flat in Australia.

With a two-story granny flat, you can maximize the possibilities of your backyard, provided your construction complies with the local council standards. Contacting your local council to determine which laws apply in your area is crucial before starting new construction within your property. Contacting professional granny flat builders Sydney will save you from this trouble because a granny flat builder Sydney knows the building codes and laws applicable in your area.

What Does the Law Say About the Maximum Height of Your Two-Storey Granny Flat?

A two-story granny flat is subject to the same height and interior living space as single-story granny flats, which are 8.5 and 60 square metres, respectively.

According to the Complying Development Code, a granny flat’s rear and side setbacks must increase as it grows taller to compensate for the added height. Therefore, if your granny flat’s size exceeds 3.8m, you must accurately estimate the necessary setbacks.

Why Build a 2-Storey Granny Flat?

A two-storey granny flat is perfect for homeowners who want to balance modern and affordable living. Although the primary purpose of a granny flat was to offer an independent residence for aging parents, homeowners are now building these units for several other reasons. First, choose the right granny flat floor plan for your new property. Smart Choice Granny Flats have granny flat display homes, so you can explore different options for building a granny flat.  

Whether you’re building a granny flat for loved ones or increasing rental income, a two-storey design gives multiple options. Most people prefer setting up an entertainment area or a home office downstairs while utilizing the top floor as a small apartment.

Generally, people are investing in granny flat projects because:

Due to Australia’s lack of affordable housing options, many families now invest in studio apartments or two-story granny flats to increase their rental income. In addition to providing a secondary residence and reducing taxes, building a two-storey unit makes it easier to pay off your current mortgage and save money.

Granny flats with two stories allow homeowners to use these units as bed and breakfasts, holiday homes, off-grid sustainable houses, and even a separate workplace. So whether you are building a two-story granny flat as an investment or for your own family, smart choice granny flats can take care of your construction project from start to finish.

Benefits of Building a Two-Storey Granny Flat for Earning Rental Income

The most notable benefit you can achieve by building a two-storey granny flat Sydney is to have a property for renting purposes. A modern granny flat allows homeowners to earn a return on their investment while renting it out to others. Students, entrepreneurs, or tourists usually look for small rentals with all basic and advanced amenities. 

Building a granny flat is a terrific way to increase the value of your house, whether you’re doing it for your parents/children, as a guesthouse, or as a rental property. A granny flat’s monetary value can increase or decrease based on factors such as your location and the design of your flat.

Hence, choosing the best granny flats builder for your construction project is crucial. Smart Choice Granny Flats guarantee high-quality results for your granny flat in Sydney. Our expert and seasoned builders ensure building structurally solid and appealing granny flats to improve your rental earning potential, whether you build a single-storey or a two-storey unit.

More than 30% of Australians are looking for rental properties. Hence, the Australian real estate market has huge potential for rental properties. You should choose a granny flat floor plan as you decide on a floor plan for your primary residence. The key is choosing a plan that offers the right amenities and luxuries in your newly built granny flat.

Contemporary granny flats with high-end features appeal to today’s renters. But regardless of the floor plan you choose, it is important to work with a reliable granny flats builder Sydney to design a granny flat according to your exact requirements for pulling in tenants. High-quality materials and the right floor plan allow contractors to design a well-built granny flat to increase your renal earning potential.

What is the Cost of a Double Storey Granny Flat 

Although double-storey granny flats are famous for families and investors with more land, the added height increases construction prices. In addition, this granny flat will require more work than a one-storey unit to ensure that the design supports both levels.

The price of a granny flat with two storeys depends on several factors. According to rough estimates, building a two-storey granny flat can range from $190,000 to $300,000. Don’t consider cheaper options like granny flat kit homes because their price tag excludes hidden costs, such as installation expenses.

A more accurate estimate would be between $215,000 and $280,000 for building a two-storey granny flat. This estimate includes expenses such as approval and design fees, construction costs, and any additions or extra features you may like to add.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Two-Storey Granny Flat Design

Here we share a few tips on making the most of your space with clever design choices.

Don’t forget to check out our granny flat showroom to know what to add and how to make the most of your space.

Add a Staircase That Offers Storage

We can reduce the amount of floor it covers by structuring a staircase that goes up against the wall. We can also utilize the space underneath the stairs for extra storage.

In addition, positioning the staircase where it doesn’t block natural light or any window is a great way to keep your granny flat, bright, and airy. These are simple but effective ways to design a granny flat plan to create a cosy ambience.

Use the First Floor as a Garage

Both homeowners and renters love a granny flat above the garage. That’s because, technically, a garage is a non-habitable space (which doesn’t count in your living space).

You can enjoy the many benefits of a spacious garage downstairs. The space allows room for setting up a man cave or a workshop area while you have a full flat above.

Include a Balcony on the Upper Floor

The best granny flat builders in Sydnerecommend adding a balcony to your upper floor. That way, you can make the most of the extra height. Like the garage or downstairs deck, a balcony does not come in ‘habitable spaces,’ so it won’t deduct from your floor space because you don’t calculate it as part of your living space.

Adding a balcony is a fantastic idea because it allows more natural light to enter the flat and enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Why Should You Choose Smart Choice Granny Flats to Build Your 2-Storey Granny Flat?

Smart Choice Granny Flats is one of Sydney’s most renowned granny flat builders. We offer a variety of granny flat floor plans and designs for your convenience. Our modern ideas come in one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom and single and double-storey unit variations.

Our popular Modern Brick Design offers a small yet exquisite option that fits well in any backyard. This design is perfect for building a guesthouse or a small residence for friends or family. Another fantastic option to make a granny house for your aging parents or in-laws is the Hampton Design. The open layout of this flat will replicate the feel and design of a beachfront vacation home. Hence, it’s a beautiful design in our granny flat showroom Sydney.

We boast over three decades of experience designing and building single-story and two-storey granny flats. Our commitment, transparent construction process, and accurate cost estimate set us apart.

We specialize in custom granny flat designs, which makes us an excellent option for building unique granny flats, according to your location and budget. In addition, our team will add the right amenities and features to your new property to ensure it is comfortable for your family or tenants.

Our portfolio includes building over 400 granny flats according to our clients’ requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how the design, features, and cost of a 2-storey granny flat add more value to your property.