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Why A Granny Flat Is The Simple Solution

The popularity of granny flats across Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, and Wollongong may make you wonder — why? They’re an affordable solution to NSW’s spike in population density, for one reason.

It’s a fact that the government of NSW recognises — which is why they’ve revoked the need for local council approvals when building a granny flat. Besides the urban factor, however, homeowners have plenty to gain with granny flats. They act as a solution to problems you may not even know you had.

Let’s take a look at why granny flats are a simple solution.

Granny flats can extend your home’s area

It’s not just about storage — you may have already maximised your wall’s shelving for extra storage, but creating an additional area in your home can significantly increase your total square footage. Imagine adding a granny flat that doubles as an office or an artist’s studio. It could even double as a guest house when you’re not using it.

Granny flats can help you expand your family

Whether it’s attached or detached granny flats you plan to build, these self-contained units can be a highly flexible option for your family.

Firstly, they can provide an additional living space for children who are graduates and need to live at home before moving to their own space. Secondly, they’re also flexible enough to be a space for guests coming for long-term stays or if you plan to help your parents age in-home.

Granny flats can be a home away from home for live-in help

Speaking of aging in-home, granny flats are not just for elderly family members. You may already have the right number of bedrooms in your main property. But granny flats can be a wonderful way to offer a home to live-in help. This includes nannies and elderly support workers.

Granny flats can increase your resale value

Some people think that properties with granny flats are harder to sell because not everyone wants an additional space to look after.

It’s actually the exact opposite. According to UBank, building a granny flat is cheaper than buying a second income property or adding an extension to your home. Prospective buyers are more likely to want this flexibility when they’re looking for a new property.

Granny flats can be a convenient rental income

Many people see building a granny flat as a reliable source of rental income. As an investment, you can’t go wrong. Let’s say your tenant has an issue with plumbing in the middle of the night.

You won’t have to drive over to help them — you’ll just have to walk a few metres to your own backyard. Keeping a rental home on your property makes managing it so much easier.

You’ll still incur the Capital Gains tax liability, but there may also be granny flat tax exemptions and you could claim the loan interest and ongoing expenses like maintenance and insurance as tax deductions (known as negative gearing).

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