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Which is best, an Attached or Detached Granny Flat?

When deciding to build a granny flat a major decision that needs to be made is which is best attached or detached granny flats. Detached is preferable due to lower cost and better functionality of the granny flat and the house. However, the available space you have on your property may not be sufficient for a detached granny flat.

The pros and cons

Both granny flat types have their advantages and disadvantages. Neither is better than the other, but you should sort through these pros and cons to figure out which situations apply to you:

Factors to consider when deciding between detached or attached granny flats:

  1. Intended use

Some homeowners are building granny flats as a way to expand their income property. So, for example, if they’ve already rented out the main house to a family but now want to add an additional tenant, they may decide on a detached granny flat.

However, if the family they’re renting it to also has extended members they want to house in the same unit, an attached granny flat would work better. It also depends on how dependent or independent the occupants of a granny flat are.

If it’s an older family member who can do their own groceries, cooking, and cleaning, then a detached granny flat would give them the privacy and personal space they need.

  1. Schedule

If you’re building a granny flat for a family member, you need to understand what everyone’s schedule is. For example, you may have teenagers in the house who like to be awake late into the night. However, your granny flat may be for your aging and elderly parents who like to sleep early. In this case, a detached granny flat might be your best option.

You still have to keep in mind that aging family members may be frail and need help accessing the main house. It may be too dangerous or difficult for them to make the walk from a detached granny flat to your home so, in this case, an attached granny flat is best.

  1. Cost to build

Easier to build does not always mean cheaper to build. The affordability factor of a detached granny flat or an attached granny flat is not always obvious. For example, some customers walk into the design process thinking that if they skip upgrades, that makes their budget cheaper. But that’s not always the case; there are other factors at play.

So, in this case, an attached granny flat might be easier to attach to your pre-existing home with a skillion or a gabled roof. However, an attached granny flat might also be more expensive to build because there may be other structural changes you need to make to your home to extend it into the granny flat and ensure the new structure is properly insulated and doesn’t leak.

Choose the best construction partner when building a granny flat

Whether you go for a detached or an attached granny flat, the most important choice you’ll make is that of your build partner.

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