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5 Modern & Unique Granny Flat Design Ideas

Originally built as a way to provide relatives with independence and privacy without breaking up the family unit, granny flats have experienced a recent surge in popularity among all age groups — particularly younger couples, buying granny flats as their first homes. From last-minute, cleaned up garages and after-thoughts to well-designed and properly architectured homes, granny flats have become award-winning, income-generating, multipurpose residences.

If you are thinking about investing in a granny flat or are a current owner looking for inspiration, this blog will explore 5 of the most unique and modern granny flat designs on the market.

  1. Seaside retreat

Why not add a holiday house feel to your granny flat by styling it after a seaside or beach retreat? It’s a popular choice for modern granny flat designs. Featuring traditional gable roofs and slat-style walls, these modern granny flats are designed to exude a contemporary country facade. For those who like to entertain, an alfresco side deck goes perfectly with the theme of this design. Whether a stand-alone property or built as an extension of an existing house, this glamour-meets-country design has the ability to take guests on a journey to the likes of the Hamptons or Noosa in Queensland.

  1. Victorian flair

There is nothing quite as charming as a contemporary take on Federation style for modern granny flat design. Taking a modern approach to classic Victorian features, granny flats in this style boast contemporary outdoor pillars, large double windows, corrugated metal roofs and quaint verandahs — all distinctly Victorian but given a new lease on life.

Whether your granny flat has one, two, three or even four bedrooms, this modern granny flat design allows for thought out, shared-living and open plan spaces.

  1. Classic contemporary

For those who are concerned that the physical size of their granny flat may feel claustrophobic, a classic contemporary style will open up space and let the light pour inside — creating a feeling of endless and warm feel.

With modern, crisp lines and an abundance of natural light, classic modern granny flat designs are a great choice for most standard properties. This design creates a flowing and spacious interior. Including skillion roofs that extend beyond the external walls of the house and over a patio to create a seamless indoor/outdoor living space, skylights and highlight windows to fill the space with light and double-height ceilings.

  1. Container chic

With the rise in popularity of actual shipping containers being renovated into fully functioning houses, it’s no surprise that the minimalist style has become popular for granny flats too. Characterised by square or boxy architecture, corrugated iron finishes, flat roofs and conservative interior design, container chic is a new and simple modern granny flat design.

If you love the idea and look of transforming an old shipping container into a home but would prefer the foundations and extra vicinities of a properly planned, built and designed granny flat, this is the ideal design for you. Designing the exterior to look slick, square and truly industrial while adding luxury finishing touches and details is a common way to increase the value of this style while still retaining minimalist style — think along the lines of a concrete patio, modern fire pit and real cloth hammock.

  1. Modern brick

Modern granny flat design is seeing brick styles make something of a comeback. Though often viewed as a very traditional look for these residences, there’s an increasing interest in updating brick styles to match modern homes and breathe life back into past designs through a contemporary twist.

Combining traditional brick walls with more modern elements such as concrete pillars, skillion or flat roofs and large double windows and doors, modern granny flat designs built from brick are low maintenance, as you don’t have to repaint and care for the bricks. They’re also highly versatile and can easily be built to match other structures on your property. Given the plethora of brick styles available on the market, it’s easy to match the aesthetics of the new granny flat with any nearby brick buildings.

From burnt clay bricks to sand lime and concrete bricks, there are many types, colours and sizes of bricks to choose from. So whether you prefer the traditional red-brick granny flat look or want an extra-modern concrete brick style, the design possibilities are endless!

Bring the modern granny flat design of your dreams to life

If you’ve bought a granny flat as an investment, your primary residence or are planning on building one on your property to increase its value or to keep special members of your family nearby, the design of your granny flat can be completely customised to suit your personal taste and preferences.

With over 400 expertly built granny flats, more than 35 years in the building industry and a long list of reputable suppliers, Smart Choice Granny Flats can help make your ideal modern granny flat design dream a reality.

Browse some of our modern granny flat designs online to get an idea of the high-quality and affordable homes we can create. If you see the perfect design on our website, we can happily build that exact design for you. And if you would prefer a more customised option, we can get your personalised design sorted in just three weeks. So what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to begin your exciting new journey of building your very own granny flat!

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