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Ideas for 3 Bedroom Granny Flats

Suburban backyards used to be all about entertaining area, pools and garden shed. However since 2009 this trend has changed. Now an increasing number of NSW residents are opting to use a section of there backyard for granny flats.

Not only do they get great rental return, they can easily add over $200,000 to the property value can add up to $200,000 to the home’s value. If you scout homes in Sydney or Newcastle, for example, you’ll see more than one 3-bedroom house with a granny flat — particularly in the suburbs.

With over 400 granny flats built for our clients, Smart Choice Granny Flats have seen this happen to multiple investment properties.

Why are Australians looking for 3-bed granny flat designs?

3-bed granny flat designs from Smart Choice Granny Flats deliver value in multiple ways. Many of our clients who build granny flats on their property are looking to make their land work for them by:

3-bedroom granny flat ideas that could work for you

There is a range of Smart Choice Granny Flats layouts that could work for you. Some of our most popular floor plans are our 3-bedroom granny flat designs. The blueprints for these models can be customised with your needs in mind, and we have display models that can help you tour the details and experience living in a granny flat firsthand.

Here are a few 3-bed granny flat designs that you should try.

3-bedroom granny flat layout

What’s great about this fantastic granny flat layout is that it includes an ensuite for every bedroom. It also has enough space for a closet, a lounge, and a full kitchen and dining area.

The ‘Federation’ granny flat design

The Federation layout is not specifically a 3-bed granny flat design, but it does include a lounge space. Since there’s already a separate dining area, you can use this additional lounge space as a guest area.

Granny flat with garage design

3-bedroom granny flats are quite flexible. You have enough space with these floor plans to be able to customise the space to your needs.

For example, this particular floor plan from Smart Choice Granny Flats includes a garage, which is great if you need extra space for a vehicle or just want to store yard tools.

However, you could potentially turn this space into an extra bedroom or use it as a room for an at-home gym. It all depends on what you plan to do with the space you have.

Maximise space and style with custom layouts from Smart Choice Granny Flats

As a leader in designing investment granny flats, Smart Choice Granny Flats can help you create the best layout with the space you have available. We walk our clients through every step of the process, from design to choosing materials and working within a budget.

When you choose Smart Choice Granny Flats as your build partner, we make sure your satisfaction is the main priority. Our money-back guarantee, 12-week build time, and fixed price quotes ensure that your build is delivered on time, on cost, every time. Learn more about our process or contact our team to schedule a display home visit today.