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A Guide To Extending & Renovating Your Granny Flat

Interested in renovating your granny flat? An extension or renovation is a great way to update your property and increase its value. You may also want to make a change if you recently bought a new home with a granny flat already on it, but the unit could use an upgrade. Whether you’re thinking of adding an extension or renovating the interior, here are the steps involved.

1. Plan your granny flat renovation

Before starting the approvals process, choose a professional draftsman or architect to work with to draw up plans for your project. To make sure you’re happy with the renovation, take your time researching design possibilities and thinking about what makes practical sense for your needs in the long-term, whether you’re renovating a small home that you use as a rental, a space for family members, or if you’re downsizing and planning on living in the granny flat yourself. For inspiration, browse our granny flat designs.

Then, once you consult with your architect, they can draw up the designs for you. Once you’ve chosen your designs, you will pay a deposit and take care of any necessary paperwork so your builder can start the approvals process.

2. Find out if you need council approval

When you originally built your granny flat, you may not have needed council approval. Depending on what type of renovation you plan on doing, you may or may not need council approval now. Generally, internal renovations that don’t include structural changes won’t need approval. If you’re building out with an extension, doing a substantial excavation, or making even a minor outdoor change such as a new deck, you may need approval.

If you’re not sure, get in touch with one of our granny flat specialists. We can help you determine what you need based on your location and your goals. As experts in construction projects for granny flats in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Central Coast, we can get design and approval for your project completed in as little as three weeks.

3. Your builders will prepare the site

If you’re doing an extension, your builders may need to clear the site before getting started. For interior renovations, preparation may be as simple as clearing a space where the construction will be done and covering your existing flooring, appliances, and any structural features that can’t be moved to protect them during the renovation.

4. Construction begins

The design and approvals process will take much longer than the actual renovation. Once all the preliminary work is done, your builders will work on your project. A renovation or extension can take a few days up to a few weeks, depending on the work involved.

When the work is finished, you can start enjoying your newly renovated property, or renting it out and using it as an income generator.

When is the best time to renovate granny flats?

The best time to renovate your granny flat is when it suits your schedule. Keep in mind, however, it may take several weeks before construction can begin as you’ll need time to explore your options, decide what you want from the designs, and complete the paperwork, financing, and approvals processes, even if you’re only doing a modest extension.

At Smart Choice Granny Flats, we build high-quality granny flats for fair prices. We can assist you with your renovation or extension, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience. As granny flat specialists, we also work quickly so you aren’t left waiting on your project to be completed when you should be enjoying your beautifully-designed small home. Set up an appointment to view our model home and talk to us about your vision.