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Granny Flat Space Saving Ideas — 4 Tips To Maximise Storage

Before you use any space saving ideas for your granny flat, you need to know how much room you have to play with. The good news is that Central Coast homes don’t need NSW council approval to begin to build a granny flat. However, you do need to make sure that it meets the NSW’s minimum requirements for final approval.

In 2009, the NSW government released the State Environment Planning Policy, which allows residential homeowners and property investors who have a property that is larger than 450 square metres, and a minimum 12-metre street frontage, to build a 2- and even 3-bedroom granny flat on their property.

The best part is that NSW is the most flexible of all Australian states when it comes to building and approving smart space granny flats.

What size of granny flat can you build on your property?

Here’s the scoop: If you keep your granny flat property at 60 square metres of total area (or below), you’ll be well within the council’s requirement for a standard property. However, if you want to build something with more area, then that will depend on how large your lot is.

For example, for a home that sits on a lot between 450 to 900 square metres, the NSW government allows homeowners to build a granny flat with a maximum area of 330 square metres. It also requires you to maintain a 3-metre distance from the rear of the lot and at least a 0.9-metre distance from the side boundaries.

Based on how much area you have, and how much you have left, you can then determine what the total area you have available to work with for your granny flat.

For homes that don’t meet the NSW requirements for CDC approval, Smart Choice Granny Flats can help you with the process. We’re so sure of our approval process that we also offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t get your granny flat approved.

During the build process, however, our team will recommend changes and customisations to your smart space granny flat. These design options will help open up your available area and allow the interiors to feel far more spacious. Here are a few space saving ideas that you can use during and after the design and build process.

5 space saving ideas for smart space granny flat designs

Use just a few or all of these space saving ideas to maximise every inch of your granny flat’s total area. These five tips will help you live large in a more compact space.

Start with an open concept floor plan

At Smart Choice Granny Flats, we only rely on open concept floor designs. This means that common areas such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, and lounge space have no divisive doors or other intrusive elements to block them off.

Whether you want to use room dividers or curtains to designate changes between rooms, or you simply want to leave the space as is, that’s a choice that’s entirely up to you. However, opting for an open concept floor plan allows more light and air to flow through. You instantly feel more spacious and expansive when you walk into an open concept layout.

Rely on floor-to-ceiling windows

Quite a few Smart Choice Granny Flats floor plans have large, beautiful windows. Our Hamptons design is just one fantastic example. Another great layout is The Entertainer, which features two large double-door sliders just off the kitchen/dining area and the lounge area.

Having lots of large windows can help you brighten and optically enhance the space you’re in. However, floor-to-ceiling windows add even more flair and space because it draws the eye upwards. It gives the feeling that the ceilings are much higher than they are.

Use modular or multifunctional furniture

Do you love forks that are also spoons or pens that are also flashlights? Then modular and multifunctional furniture is the perfect space saving idea for your smart space granny flat.

Modular furniture are pieces that can be detached and arranged in a way that suits your space best. For example, if you purchase an L-shaped modular sofa, you can place one part in one area and detach the long part to use as a relaxing chaise in another area.

Multifunctional furniture, on the other hand, are pieces that allow you to combine uses. A great example would be a sofa that doubles as a guest bed, or a bed that has extra drawers underneath and shelving space in the headboard.

Use pieces that you know will add closet or storage space to your granny flat without taking up additional floor space to do so. You can choose from our quality inclusions — built-ins from suppliers that boost the value and functionality of your granny flat.

Compact Shelving options

And speaking of shelving, one of the best ways to amplify the space in your granny flat is to make use of hooks, shelving, and wall mounts. These implements can help you hang additional storage boxes, and they can be installed almost anywhere.

For example, instead of a heavy, space-sucking traditional bookcase, you can use wall-mounted shelves with bowls at the entrance for your keys and other important items. You can also use hooks on the shelves for jackets, umbrellas, and even small planters that make your space feel cosy.

For more design inspiration, check out our display homes.

Pay attention to the details

Now, this may be rather broad but stick with us here for a minute. The ‘details’ in your granny flat are the small but noticeable items that can add unnecessary clutter.

For example, the cords and wires connecting your entertainment devices can easily be hidden out of sight using a cord organiser. You could even opt to integrate all your entertainment devices into one or two items. For example, you may decide to get rid of your Xbox or Playstation and use a large desktop monitor as your computer and television.

Consider other rooms like your kitchen when it comes to these ‘details’. Instead of a full-scale Breville coffee machine, you could opt for a simple pour-over or French press. These smart space granny flat choices will help you reduce your need for extra cabinets or countertop clutter.

Enjoy flexible living spaces with Smart Choice Granny Flats

Smart space granny flats require one thing: planning. You have to approach your design with a sense of challenge and adventure instead of limitations. These space saving ideas can help you get really creative with your available area, without having to compromise on the creature comforts you want.

When you plan your gorgeous granny flat with a partner like Smart Choice Granny Flats, you can breathe easy knowing that we’ve got you covered. Our builds take 12 weeks to complete, and you’re covered with a fixed rate quote and a money-back guarantee. Contact us to get a free site inspection and quote for investment granny flats in NSW today.