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Granny Flats: No Council Approval Needed

If you’re a homeowner looking to invest by building a granny flat on your property, you might ask yourself, “Can you build a granny flat without council approval?” In short, the answer is yes — you don’t need council approval to build a granny flat on your property. But there is an alternate approval process you will need to follow. This helpful guide will help you understand the requirements to consider when building a granny flat

What is a granny flat?

A granny flat accommodates small groups of people as an additional dwelling on the same grounds as the main residential property. There are two types of granny flats — the first is a self-contained granny flat with its own kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. A self-contained granny flat is ideal for young couples seeking privacy but looking to save money to buy their property. The latter option is a non-self-contained granny flat — a less expensive option, but it doesn’t offer the same level of privacy or independence as a self-contained unit. 

Building a granny flat without council approval

Whether you want a no-approval granny flat to rent out for extra income or to expand your accommodation for a growing family, a no-approval granny flat means no approval is required from the council. That means you can build that two-bedroom granny flat in the backyard without worrying about inconvenient visits from the council inspector. 

However, you should conduct a site investigation to ensure your property meets all compliant development guidelines. That way, you can build a granny flat without direct involvement from the council and still have the peace of mind that it’s built legally. So, that leads to the question, how do you build a granny flat without council approval

Ensure your proposed developments meets the following site requirements

As per Australian state requirements, you can build a granny flat without council approval, so long as it meets minimum requirements. For example, in NSW, the minimum site requirements for a granny flat approval as a complying development include:

Always check your Australian state requirements when building a granny flat, so that you don’t have any unexpected hiccups when seeking approval for your proposed development. 

Requirements to follow for a no-approval granny flat

Once you have planned your proposed development to build a granny flat without council approval, you must take the following steps:

If you’re completing construction on your primary and secondary dwelling, OC is issued once the building works have been complete to meet all the planning, quality and safety requirements. Then the dwelling is ready to be occupied.

What happens if you don’t seek approval for a granny flat?

Anyone who advertises a granny flat without meeting all the proper legal requirements can:

To avoid unnecessary financial strains that come with an unapproved granny flat, it’s always best to seek the proper approval. After all, obtaining CDC approval outside the council can take as little as ten days before you can start building — so why take any chances? 

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