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Granny Flat Checklist For Design

Are you ready to build a Granny Flat on your property? If so please read this before you get started on the build.
It is import that you go through the below checklist. This list has everything from A to Z, everything you need to ensure that your granny flat is exactly how you want it. Well lets get started!

Bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage space

Before settling on a granny flat design, you first need to determine exactly how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking spaces you’ll need. This may seem pretty basic, but knowing this information beforehand will help you narrow down the designs you have to choose from.

At Smart Choice Granny Flats, we’ve gone above and beyond to offer a diverse array of flat designs. This includes compact flats with one bedroom and one bathroom for an elderly parent to 4-bedroom flats for families or tenants.

Internal and external painting

You should have high expectations for the painting work done on both the exterior and interior of your granny flat. This is not just about the colour but also the quality of the paint itself. Our exterior paint, for example, is weather-proof. This will keep it from chipping or wearing when faced with storms or other harsh weather conditions.

Our internal painting consists of an undercoat and two finish coats for ceilings, walls, and timberwork. We offer a massive range of colours and are happy to make suggestions if you have difficulty deciding. Before opting for any other granny flat builder, we recommend checking to ensure that their colour range and paint quality meet your standards.

A luxurious kitchen with quality appliances

Living in a smaller, more compact home doesn’t mean you can’t have an elegant and brag-worthy kitchen. If having a nice kitchen is important to you, we suggest ensuring that your granny flat design includes appliances that are built to last with quality materials.

Our granny flat kitchens, for example, feature a wide range of stainless-steel appliances. This includes the built-in oven, gas cook-top, the range-hood above the cook-top, and a double bowl sink. We also provide overhead cupboards and a selection of custom splash-back tiles, bench-tops, and kitchen cabinetry.

Expert electrical, hot-water, power, gas, and data connections

This is a major part of the granny flat building process that tends to get overlooked. At Smart Choice Granny Flats, we’re proud to design and construct granny flats with electrical, hot-water, power, gas, and data connections that are already taken care of. This means you can move in without having to worry about these essential utilities.

Other notable essentials

Though we all have the tendency to focus on aesthetics, it’s arguably much more important that your granny flat is safe and structurally sound. That’s why we at Smart Choice Granny Flats offer a detailed list of quality inclusions. This includes several guarantees about the actual building process, like our expert site preparation and our NSW Builder’s 6 Years Homeowner Warranty Insurance.

Many of our inclusions concern the exterior of the flat, such as our securely locked front doors and sturdy gable style roofs. Others are for the interior, like our premium bathroom appliances and quality floor coverings. Please browse our list of quality inclusions to know what standard to expect from professional granny flat builders.

We’re here to build your dream granny flat

Here at Smart Choice Granny Flats, we’re dedicated to building the most functional, comfortable, and stylish granny flats in Sydney, Central Coast, New Castle, and Wollongong. Since our founding in 2012, we’ve amassed a diverse selection of granny flat designs catered to all needs.

Our knowledgeable team is happy to answer any questions you have, whether it’s about our building process or booking a visit to our display home. You can contact us by calling 1300 176 278, emailing, or filling out our enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.