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When it comes to granny flats, there are many things to consider before purchasing. This includes the purpose, floor plan, design, materials, and more. This guide will help you understand the different types of granny flats available and the key considerations to keep in mind when buying or building a granny flat.

5 reasons why you should invest in building a granny flat

There are multiple advantages to buying a granny flat. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might opt to build one on your property.

Increasing property value — Granny flats are an excellent value add to your existing property. They can boost property value based on the additional space for independent guest accommodation, home office, entertainment blocks or rental spaces.

Affordable investment — Compared to other property investments, granny flats are popular for buyers looking for higher rent returns while spending less on construction, while also enabling them to take advantage of unused land on their property.

Rental opportunity — Granny flats offer a great opportunity as a rental investment. You may choose to rent out the granny flat for short and long-term accommodation, or if you’re looking to downsize, you could rent out the primary dwelling and move into the granny flat yourself to generate a more significant rental income.

Loan-friendly construction — You can access loans for building your granny flat the same way you would access any other real estate construction loan.

Expanded accommodation — Granny flats are great ways to increase living space. They can be a great way to provide housing for family members and accommodate larger or blended families.

Understanding the two different types of granny flats

Granny flats are usually designed to accommodate one or two people and are located as an additional dwelling on the same grounds as the main residential property. There are two main types of granny flats — self-contained and non-self-contained. Self-contained granny flats have their own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, while non-self-contained granny flats do not. Non-self-contained granny flats are typically less expensive, but they may not offer the same level of privacy and independence as self-contained units.

Important things to consider before buying or building granny flats

When choosing a granny flat, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as its intended use, size and layout, building materials, and location. Granny flats can be a great way to add value to your property, so they’re worth considering if you’re thinking about making some home improvements. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Intended use — Being specific about the main purpose of your granny flat will help you make critical decisions. These include whether you want to create a self-contained or non-self-contained flat, the number of bedrooms and people you want to host and the use of shared or separated outdoor spaces and garage areas.

Size and layout — The size and configuration of your granny flat should align with your complete property area. This includes essential elements such as the direction of the entrance and windows and the length and breadth of the granny flat in relation to your primary dwelling and backyard space.

Building materials — Another important thing to remember is the type of building materials you want to use while building your granny flat. You can match it to your main property’s exterior facade or create a unique build.

Legal compliance — No matter the type of granny flat you pursue, it’s critical to ensure that the construction is compliant with relevant legislation. Working with professional builders will ensure that all the due diligence and legal processes are carried out properly and promptly.

Bedrooms and floor plans for building granny flats

Some of the different granny flat floor plans include:

One-bedroom designs — These granny flat designs are ideal for smaller yard or ground spaces. They are compact and most suitable for guest houses, holiday rentals, or cost-effective granny flat solutions.

Two-bedroom designs — One of the most popular rental granny flat designs, two-bedroom floor plans are incredibly versatile and functional for multiple applications. Two-bedroom granny flats can be used to create cosy Airbnb retreats and spacious homes for grandparents and grown kids.

Three or more bedroom designs — The three-plus bedroom granny flat designs offer all the advantages of a traditional home. With plenty of living and storage space, these granny flat designs are great value additions to any property. These designs have numerous applications, including lucrative Airbnb rentals in tourist hotspots, rentals for small families, and comfortable homes for grandparents and relatives looking to live closer to you.

Popular contemporary granny flat designs

While designing a granny flat, you can choose to match it with your main home or keep it completely separate. Here’s a range of timeless granny flat designs for you to consider:

Hamptons style — These luxurious granny flats are inspired by the Hamptons outdoor vacation lifestyle, offering spacious rooms and grand alfresco designs perfect for outdoor activities.

Modern outdoors style — The contemporary granny flat designs are spatial homes with an open floor plan and fresh aesthetics to suit all types of tenants and vacationers who love entertaining outdoors.

Flat and garage-style — A multipurpose granny flat design that comes fully equipped with all the best living features of a complete home, including bedrooms, entertainment spaces and a car garage.

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