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5 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Living In A Granny Flat

Are you thinking about moving into your own personal backyard granny flat? While granny flats are a popular addition to many modern homes, there has been a recent increase in people seeking out this style of accommodation as their primary residence. Fully capable of providing a cosy and comfortable living space, granny flats can be the perfect option for young couples, business professionals or anyone looking to downsize their current home.

What is a granny flat?

A granny flat (sometimes also called an in-law apartment) is a smaller housing space originally designed for live-in nanny’s, elderly relatives and visiting guests. They are commonly added as a separate unit in the backyard of the property but can also be designed to be connected to the main house if needed.

Living in a granny flat is becoming a popular trend amongst couples and working professionals looking to live in a smaller space that still accommodates all of their needs. With the option to build one from scratch to your unique specifications, backyard granny flats offer both practicality and increased value to any property they are added to.

Here are 5 excellent benefits of living in a granny flat that you may not have considered:

1. You can customise your space

Capable of being built in a variety of unique and customisable designs, granny flats are the perfect option for anyone looking to have full control over the layout of their home. Some of the most popular floor layouts include world-class amenities and creative use of space to help them feel like a luxury small home. At Smart Choice Granny Flats, we proudly build granny flats in a variety of different styles — from one-bedroom studio apartment layouts to four-bedroom guest houses.

Every one of our customisable granny flat designs comes with unique design options for every bedroom, ensuite bathroom, kitchen, living space and more. Living in a granny flat is truly the perfect way to customise your space to your exact specifications!

2. Living in an eco-friendly way

For those looking for environmental conscious housing options, granny flats are a perfect choice. Because of their smaller size, living in a granny flat reduces the size of your overall energy and carbon footprint. With the option to build your granny flat with eco-friendly appliances, our granny flats can be fully customised for more efficient use of the planet’s natural resources.

3. Extra yard space for parties, children and pets

Calling all social butterflies — do you find yourself regularly hosting parties or events in your yard? If so, a granny flat may be perfect for you.

Because of their smaller size, granny flats leave plenty of extra yard space when built on a traditional house plot. If you love to host parties or want a massive garden, you will have all the space you could ever need to enjoy your own personal outdoors.

Granny flats also present a great option for young families and people who own pets. The extra yard space can be used for plenty of outdoor fun and games for the kids and allow pets to stretch their legs and get much-needed exercise.

4. Build your perfect home for half the price

If you’ve looked into building your own home, you’ve likely seen the high prices associated with a project of that scale. The incredibly high cost of custom house building is one of the primary reasons why people settle for renting or buying pre-existing homes, rather than enjoying the luxury of personalised customisation.

Due to the smaller size of granny flats, the building fee is significantly less. Still capable of having up to four bedrooms, a granny flat is a much more affordable option for anyone looking to build a personalised home. But just because the cost is less doesn’t mean you are missing out on quality inclusions.

All of our designs, at Smart Choice Granny Flats, come with high-quality inclusions and services from trusted brands across the country. Features such as tiling, stainless steel appliances and hassle-free utilities are all standard in our most common granny flat designs. There truly is no better way to get quality housing at an affordable cost.

5. Host your family and friends with ease

Finally, and maybe one of the least thought about benefits of living in a granny flat, is the fact that you can still host friends and family — just like a regular home. It’s so common to think that hosting guests would be impossible in a granny flat, but that is just not the case. All of our floor designs are carefully crafted with space management in mind. Thoughtful storage closets and smart design of extra bedrooms can make even a small granny flat feel like a large space — ideal for hosting guests.

About Smart Choice Granny Flats

With 35 years of experience working in the building industry, Smart Choice Granny Flats is the go-to building company for the perfect customisable granny flat. As smaller self-sufficient housing becomes increasingly more popular, we are incredibly proud to offer the highest quality service and products to all of our customers.

We always have an honest approach to our projects — no hidden or surprise fees! We truly want to get you connected to the right team to build your dream living space in a trustworthy and hassle-free environment.

Interested in learning more about granny flats? We would love to show you around! Our display home is available for viewing via appointment on our website. See our exceptional craftsmanship and designs and get inspired by the endless possibilities that living in a granny flat can offer.

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We look forward to helping you begin your journey to excellent living in your own personalised granny flat!