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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Smart Choice Granny Flats takes care of the building approval process so you have peace of mind knowing that all building and planning approvals are in place.

Before a granny flat can be built, a complying development certificate is required. If a site does not qualify for a CDC, development approval from your local council may need to be sought.

Smart Choice Granny Flats has extensive experience and knowledge of State and local government planning controls for granny flat builds. We can identify whether your site qualifies for a complying development certificate. If your site does not qualify, but may meet planning requirements for development approval, we will apply for development approval with your local council on your behalf.

If building approval cannot be obtained, Smart Choice Granny Flats will refund the money that you paid to us for applying for approval for your granny flat.

Our terms and conditions provide more information.

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