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5 Perks of Having Granny Flats on Your Property

In Australia, the popularity of granny flats is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why when you consider their many benefits. Many people build granny flats so that they can create living space for elderly family members, though you’re far from limited when it comes to what you can use granny flats for. Our granny flats, for example, can be designed with two bedrooms and 60 square metres of space, meaning they’re essentially second homes on your property. Moreover, granny flats are extremely high-value and can increase your property’s value.

At Smart Choice Granny Flats, we’ve been one of the leading granny flat builders in NSW since 2012, though we have over 35 years of construction industry experience. Keep reading below to learn more about the primary benefits of granny flats or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to have a chat.

Why Putting a Granny Flat on Your Property Is a High-Value Investment

From creating additional living space on your property to increasing its value, here are the primary benefits of granny flats in NSW:

Stay close to your elderly relatives

If you’d like to keep your loved ones close, living in a property with a granny flat is a smart idea. Your relatives will still have their own space and independence, but you’ll be able to visit them and care for them whenever required.

Generate income with your granny flat

Rent out your granny flat when you don’t need to use it, and you could earn passive income to supplement your salary. A granny flat can virtually pay for itself within the space of a few years.

Create accommodation for guests

The next time you have family or friends over to stay, you can let them sleep in their own private granny flat that comes with all the comforts of home. Our granny flats can have up to two bedrooms and 60 square metres of practical and comfortable living space.

Choose from a range of designs

You’re far from limited when it comes to granny flat designs. Our builders will work alongside you and take the time to understand your needs before creating the initial blueprints. Then, when you’re happy with the final design, we’ll have it built within 12 weeks, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Dramatically increase your property’s value

According to some estimates, granny flats can increase your property’s value by up to 30%. Thousands of properties in NSW cities like Sydney and Newcastle have ample space for a granny flat. If you want to make the most of your property’s space, you should give us a call.

Learn More about Our Premium Granny Flats

Simply put, granny flats can make your home more practical, enable you to remain close to those you love the most, generate an additional source of income and even increase your home’s value significantly. That’s why our granny flats are in such high demand.

At Smart Choice Granny Flats, we believe our prices and the quality of our workmanship can’t be beaten. That’s why we confidently offer guarantees such as fast turnaround times and 100% client satisfaction. And, if you’re for any reason unhappy with your granny flat, we’ll give you a refund – no questions asked.

If you want to learn about the benefits of putting a granny flat on your property in more detail, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll gladly tell you about our promises and quality inclusions. Or, visit our showroom to see our beautiful creations for yourself.